Mini Treatments

Charis Beauty Clinic Islington - Mini Beauty TreatmentsWe have launched an ever-changing range of tempting Mini Treats at Charis, for you to pamper yourself when time is short or if you fancy “a little bit of luxury”…

15 mins for £15… Perfect!
Now for a limited time here’s a Special Deal: Enjoy three Charis Mini Treats for the price of one when you buy a skincare product from our Charis display.

Just £15 for 3 luxurious Charis Mini Treats. Just 15 mins for each one. Sounds like a deal?

Choose from hand care, lip care, travel sized products and more. Why not catch up with a friend for some well deserved pampering, or enjoy as a last minute treat.

Our lives can sometimes get so busy. Charis offers a selection of anti-stress and pampering Mini Treats perfect for these occasions.
All can be tailored to suit your needs. Feel like a break or some me time? We can help with our Charis ” little bit of luxury” Mini Treats.

Stay Beautiful Stay Gorgeous 

“Little bit of luxury” 15 min Mini Treats are available at Charis

G5 Anti-Cellulite Massage
Looking after your most important asset. You!
15min £15
Charis Mini Facial Cleanse 15min £15
Exfoliating Hand and Lower Arm Massage
Simply relaxing.Try it.
15min £15
Makeup Treat
Focus on eyes or choose a new lip colour.
15min £15
Radiant Light Deep Heat Therapy Treat
Soothes and relaxes tense muscles, you can stay clothed, sheer bliss
15min £15

Only fifteen minutes to spare? Only fifteen pounds to spend?
Call us now on: 020 7713 1381

or text: 07 88 28 93 067


You can also host a skincare event or pamper evening here at Charis, or at your home or office by arrangement and invite some friends to join in. Perfect for this time of the year. You will receive some free products and special offers. Contact us today to book your event.