Hair Removal

Feel confident your skin can be kept free from unwanted hair for as long as possible.

Charis Pampering Waxing Packages are available to suit your requirements – also, selected wax treatments for men.

(For Electrolysis, click here.)

Specialist waxing is available for women, for the nearly bare or completely bare look.

We use the finest quality hot pink hard wax. All this to ensure you get the best wax possible. You can relax at Charis knowing your treatment will be clean and hygienic.
Our Strip wax is removed with paper strips and is available on selected areas legs, arms…

To enjoy your hair-free experience for longer, ask about our Epil after-wax hair lightening and anti-regrowth products from Maria Galland.

Can’t wait to be super smooth?
Call us for a Hair Removal appointment on: 020 7713 1381

or text: 07 88 28 93 067 Our therapist are friendly and experienced and you will leave feeling relaxed and pampered. 

Face Wax  from £14.00
Underarm Wax from £14.00
Half arm Wax £12.50
Chest Wax/Back Wax  from £20.00
“Always feel pampered relaxed and fresh when I leave. Thank you so much”.
Bikini Line Wax – hot wax method from £14.00
Brazilian Bikini Wax + Lower Leg Wax Package £40.00
Brazilian Bikini Wax from £28.00
Hollywood Bikini Wax from £30.00
Half Leg Wax £17.00
Full Leg Wax £30.00
Wax Patches (e.g. lower back, tummy, G String) from £5.00
Eyebrow Wax from £10.00
Electrolysis Treatments can be found under “Specialist” Treatments.
Charis Pampering Wax Package
All your waxing in one package with pampering included – keeps you smooth and free from unwanted hair leaving you feeling relaxed.

We just deduct the price of the waxing area you choose each time. No more reaching for the shaver and risking stubble or worse.You can choose to be pampered instead.

Your package expires after 3 months.PLUS with this package there’s a FREE BONUS GIFT  for you to enjoy or give as a present.

FREE Bonus Gift – Relaxing Neck and Shoulder Massage to exfoliate and rejuvenate with a citrus blend of essential oils.(usual price £25.


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