A Relaxing Massage at Charis

That feeling …

Too much in the backpack yet again or was it the handbag full of everything but… Then there were those few stressful niggles at work, and of course the computer or laptop is always beckoning.

One things for sure ‘the back’ is going to complain sooner or later and the aches and pains will start to set in. Neck and shoulder pain can so often lead to headaches, and the tension that it creates often shows on the face. So when will I get time for me I hear you ask when will I get time for my massage.

Here’s our solution at Charis…no need to go chasing after yet another deal.

So often your deal is located miles away and waiting ages for an appointment because the deal site has sold hundreds is no fun.  All  the deals have to be fitted in somehow by the salon, and you can’t get the time slot that you want, but it’s a deal hey ho..

A Relaxing Massage at Charis is such a treat. At Charis each treatment is planned with your needs in mind. We are aware that a rush rush get me on the massage couch yesterday may not be for everyone.

That’s why we’ve created the Charis Bespoke Packages, a chance to plan your escape to de-stress maybe just have your monthly MOT as some of our clients often describe their package.

Don’t forget you can have a quick eyebrow tidy or a shape and polish if all you can squeeze out of an already short lunch break is just 15 minutes. Its all in the details.

We love to help you look and feel your best.

You can relax knowing that we’ve got your back with our gentle reminders and our way of giving you time to think, so that you can take the stress out of looking after your most valuable asset.. you.