Love February Love Life

What I love about February… What do I love about February?
Well I love that January is gone along with any mistakes that I may have made… phew!
I’m pleased that I have another chance with February, I can learn from any mistakes and get back on track with my goals.

The weather is often well… wintery. Here at Charis clients are often more aware of their aches and pains. A relaxing massage is always a good place to start. Our Radiant Heat Treatment really adds to the experience. Imagine your’e basking on a sunbed in the Caribbean. The heat warms deep into the muscles …bliss.

A relaxing Charis massage is a little signal to the body that you care, and that despite the weather and everything else that’s going on you will continue to care and pamper ‘The Body Beautiful’.

Its so easy to fall into the cycle of eating sweet and sugary treats when the weather is cold.
There are no nutrients in these, really keep these to minimum. Keep them out of sight. How about adding some fruit to your water bottle? I sometimes add lemon or some fresh herbs, rosemary, mint or little chunks of fruit. Looks so pretty…

If you love a crunchy snack almonds are surprisingly sweet. Roasted chick peas may work if you are allergic to almonds. You could soak them in apple juice overnight then roast to give a hint of sweetness if you prefer.

Of course there’s Valentines Day another chance to boost those happy feelings in February.
Love February Love Life. We love to help you look and feel your best at Charis.